3/11/06 (11:40am)
To my forum, added the ability to click on a user's name to get more information. Shows pieces of data like longest post, shortest post, and average post length etc. Also added a prototype ranking name system. Right now I'm not completely satisfied with it. If you have suggestions, please post on my Forum Suggestions thread!

3/2/06 (9:39pm)
Added a new feature to my forum. Now, under the user listing page, the time since last login for each user is shown. If a page has been loaded within the last five minutes you are "Idle", unless of course you have loaded a page in the last two minutes, then you are "Online." Please everyone login at least briefly so that I can see if the system works properly.

3/1/06 (10:15pm)
Revamped the source section of the website. I like the new look much better, I'm thinking of slowly doing away with all the other drop down menus. If you think this is a bad idea, I welcome your feedback. But I feel that they are unnecessary and rather cluttery. I'm still a little unsure about the pictures section because those are a little more expansive and would be a little unwieldy without the drop downs... As a side note, both the files section and the source section take care of themselves much better. They used to require a little tinkering to add items but now they automatically read directly out of the directory. This means that all I have to do is drag and drop new files in and they automatically show up! Lazy me :)

2/27/06 (9:15pm)
Added a ranking system to my forum although I don't know why I bother updating it you ingrates who never look at it! But anyway, get to ten posts and you get your first star, 30 your second. Please don't spam my forum to get rank or for any other reason.

2/22/06 (5:09pm)
For all of you who don't know, the botball programs for this year can be found on the pagemaker application under the login botball or you can go to this listing for a read-only version. Botball

2/21/06 (9:20pm)
Everyone's homework for today is to listen to my Garageband creation, because I love my Mac! It's entitled Crystal Haze (whimsical, I know) and currently is living in the files section of my website.

2/14/06 (10:35am)
Have been working on my forum recently, changed the starter column on the right hand side of the thread list to a last post column and within the thread the starter has a asterisk next to their name whenever they post. (Of course, the first post on each has an asterisk next to the name.)

2/10/06 (3:58pm)
I've added a link to my Pagemaker, a new 'feature' that I've added that will hopefully let people create web pages and post them on my web site. Also this should let people upload pretty much anything they want to my website. It allows for a users to keep a filesystem on my page and access it with their username and password. It supports the creation of folders and files as well as editing them. As of right now, only file deletion is supported, directories are 'permanant' but you can talk to me if you want them removed. Note: Although it doesn't mention it, you need to confirm your email address through email to log in.

2/8/06 (6:48pm)
Added a new feature to the forum. Now it displays threads with unread posts in a different color. This should be very useful for checking for updates. Much more convinient than trying to keep track of the number of posts in each one. ^_^

1/20/06 (8:55am)
Added a new folder for various php projects in some finished, others to be finished, and probably many never to be finished. It is fairly empty right now, but hopefully as I work on more projects, it will fill up. Here's the link, it might or might not make it's way on to the main bar. PHP folder

1/11/06 (12:24pm)
The search function on the forum is up and running. It may not be perfect, but it does the job. Please go try it out because I don't have any other beta testers! :) Multiple search terms will be counted as separate searches with the added function that finding the words together will count as an extra two points for the ranking of results.
Known Bugs: Words with capital letters in them will count in search but will not get highlighted in results.

1/3/06 (7:33pm)
Back from my vacation, will start updating again soon, but for now I'm going to go to sleep for reasons previously mentioned in my forum.

12/17/05 (10:31am)
Posted a new thread in my forum. Going to use it as a sorta half-blog for my Christmas vacation. Hopefully some of you friendly people out there will read and post comments.

12/12/05 (8:47am)
The forum now is fully functional, create a new account by supplying a username, password, and email address. The email will not be shown anywhere on the forum. Please go post things, I worked hard on it! Also, changed the score display for Serpent. Now, in the top 20 list, identical repeated entries are not shown. That is to say, getting the same score over and over results in only one high score position.

12/7/05 (9:19pm)
I now have a functional forum that I wrote myself. It's not very fancy and you can't really log in yet. (just put in a login name, any password will be accepted) Hopefully sometime in the near future I will procure a account creation module and perhaps better interface it with the main page. But until then, you can enjoy what is there. I have renamed the Cutecast forum as 'Forum (prefab)' and the new one is 'Forum (new)' in the sidebar. The forum is located here.

11/16/05 (8:14pm)
Programmed a Biology program. Actually it's more of a Interactive Biology Webpage. Anyway, you can visit it here. It's my version of the lab program that we are supposed to use. No animations but immensely more functional! RNA Converter

11/14/05 (8:27am)
Wow, havn't added any news in a while! So anyway, I need suggestions for my web page. It's great fun to have a web page but I still feel like it could be significantly better. I've heard comments about the lightning in the header and was wondering what you think about it. Thanks in advance for your comments!

11/2/05 (9:48pm)
Added Quark to the applets list. I started Quark a while ago but only came back to debugging the paddle now. Some of the paddle collisions are wrong still but hopefully I will fix that in the future. Also, reflections are currently only a inversion of the velocity vectors but they will in the future respect the rules of reflection. So go have fun with it, it is a pretty neat little applet. Hopefully it will eventually become a more developed game but for now, have fun with the bullet impulse and the 'juggling' projectiles off the paddle on their way down. (Especially fun to shoot one up and to the side and make a swooping dive to save it from certain doom.)

11/1/05 (7:02pm)
Changed the look of the Gibberbox and the main menu. Added a show all link to the bottom of the news section. (Waaay down there if you care to look. ^_^) Wondering if anyone is going to post anything on my forums! Was thinking of adding a Interactive C forum that I would regularly check for questions etc..

11/1/05 (1:57pm)
Added an upload capability to my web site. To get a username and a password email me or something okay? It's more convenient than email and more reliable than AIM!

10/31/05 (4:02pm)
Just signed up for a forum from cutecast.com. Please go check it out and feel free to post messages and threads! (link to forum is in the menu bar)

10/24/05 (7:30pm)
Posted the beginning to my Digital Media Design project. The assignment is to make an animated Public Service Announcement using Flash about drugs, smoking, etc.. So far I really like the way the stick figures came out! :) Smoking PSA

10/19/05 (6:07pm)
New game in Flash! This one is pretty fun, accuracy depends on the number of hits and misses, efficiency depends on the number of hits and the number of creatures that roll past. Enjoy! Face

10/18/05 (6:24pm)
Have been working on various Flash projects, go check them out. A couple might require that you download the latest version of the Flash Player because some of them are made in Flash 8 (professional). If you are interested you can download the latest version here. Some of the neater ones that you should look at are Outline and Ball (finished ball just now).

10/13/05 (6:36pm)
Added a Flash section to the menu bar. I don't actually have flash but I have been accumulating Flash projects recently and wanted to show all you people the wonderful stuff that I have been doing. Flash

10/7/05 (8:13pm)
Wrote a new program! This one's super cool, definitely worth checking out. It draws fractals for you. As of the time I'm writing this, it's not complete but hopefully it will soon support fractal saves that will appear below the applet so you can share your coolest creations with other people. Fractal

10/1/05 (8:25pm)
Just changed Serpent so that your turning speed increases as your speed does.

10/1/05 (6:37pm)
At long last, I have finished the highscores list for Serpent! Go play and fill it up okay!? Now that we can see very nicely who's winning there had better be some competition! If you don't log in, the game will call you "Anonymous" and treat you as such. ~_- Also, you can't tell, but I made more of my page automated, doesn't affect you but it makes it easier for me.

9/30/05 (9:00pm)
Changed the PSP section into a music section, and put a bunch of really nice Windwaker songs in it. It's all complete with very nice drop down menus (if I do say so myself) So go click on the little plus icon a couple times just for fun! Also added the drop down feature to the pictures page as well as moving the PSP backgrounds to that page. If you have any comments or thoughts I'm always happy to hear them. Interested in your comments about the appeal of the drop down menus. (like/dislike) Also.. was entertaining the possibility of some sort of new PHP project, so nething you can suggest would be nice.. Also, neone interested in the possibility of having music attached to the menu bar? I was thinking that I might be able to make a little music module that could be played and stopped to your heart's desire! :) Still nothing as far as getting a high scores list working for serpent.. Still feel like making one but not sure when..

9/29/05 (8:54pm)
Reinstated the "files" section. From now on thats probably where you'll find any sorta thing that I'll have up on my page that doesn't fit into one of the other categories. Biology stuff, .doc files etc..

9/28/05 (6:33pm)
Posted a new Cinema 4D render! It's in the pictures section, go check it out and tell me if you like it! :)

9/23/05 (8:04pm)
Effectively finished Serpent. Please go try it out! Hopefully I'll have a highscores list soon.. Don't get too high of a score tho! It'll freeze on you! Actually.. I think I'll go change that now.. Neway, heres the link: Serpent Remember! This is a Beta Version! That means you are all Beta testers! So please make any comments about it.

9/20/05 (9:35pm)
Posted another particle simulation a couple days ago. It's actually a gravity simulation codenamed water because I hope to turn it into a water molecule simulation at some point. It's sorta neat at this point so check it out: Water. The two other new ones are early prototypes of my snake game (called serpent) that I'm working on. This is the in progress version of snake and this is an earlier version that looked cool enough to keep around. Remember they arn't done so no extreme criticism!

9/15/05 (8:50am)
Started a new program, this one's a particle simulation. Check it out if you're interested. Particle

9/11/05 (6:39pm)
Added a submitted pictures section and it has three new entries! Go check it out! (or else gibby'll bite your legs off)

9/9/05 (7:26pm)
Added to the lines program, now it supports color choosing and screen clearing! Fixed the carriage return bug in my Gibberbox, now you can hit the enter button without making the entire box change funny colors. ^_^

9/8/05 (8:53pm)
Added a two new pictures Flower and Snakes. I hope you like them! Redid the code for lines, now it will work without the BreezySwing files. Also added rainbow mode to it. ^_^

9/7/05 (3:55pm)
Added show/hide buttons to the source page, 'enhanced' the rope page, altered look of the home page. Added a 'view all' link to the Gibberbox.

9/6/05 (5:27pm)
Fixed the hide bar on the menu. Now it changes it's color correctly. Added the capablity to hiding the Gibberbox by clicking the title. Try it out and tell me if it works for you. Also, if you have problems, try to get me the version of your browser. Thanks! ^_^

Woo! Spent the entire day programming this physics simulation! Please go look at it! Otherwise Gibby might be sad! Rope

Added a new applet, Ball, that should work on everyones computer. Hopefully I'll be able to fix the other ones soon but I might need to rewrite the code.. So don't hold your breath!

Added an applets section! Check it out and tell me if the Java Applets work for you! Any comments on the matter can go to Gibby on your right. ^_^