Brycen: gasoline, ethylene, kerosine, for now.
 Wraith: Crystalline depending on how you pronnounce it, but either could be pronnounced either way I suppose..
 Megs: okay so lets see how many words people come up that rhyme with trampoline!
 Wraith: Okay, I fixed that, it should work now, thanks for the feedback.
 Tani: Posting new threads in your forum doesn't work anymore...
 Wraith: I think its really sad that I have more than twice the number of post than the next runner up. Fine then, DON'T POST ON MY FORUM!
 Wraith: Everyone should please go visit my forum. Create an account and participate in the discussion! Because it makes me happy! :-P
 phil: kill me now please
 Katie: Heh heh, just 110 more points to beat Phil at Serpent...that's going to take a while...
 Katie: Well i'm just sitting here waiting for grace to finish her rehersal and blah blah blah...
 Wraith: LOL! You must be really bored to come post something on my webpage! Coolness thanks for visiting!
 Katie: :P hi i'm bored
 Wraith: Yeah, I see what you mean, I just loaded it up in my version of Firefox. I have absolutely no clue how to fix that.. I think.. I think it probably won't get fixed for now.. Thanks for the observation! ^_^
 Tani: observation: In Firefox, clicking hide and then show for the navigation menu makes it so the white border doesn't match with the menu itself.
 Wraith: *gasp* but a okay button would ruin the pretty design and destroy its prettiness! :) (fine I'll add one) but not sure if I'm going to be able to remote login to change it..
 Eppon: Hey, wraith, stick an "Okay" button on the login for your forum. I know your argument is that everyone just hits enter anyway, but certain computers don't like it, and the button is a fail-safe.
 ME!: Is that a beaker in your lab coat or are you happy to see me?
 Zebos: That is a little more than impossible... unless Wraith gives us some advantage like doubled scores :-P
 no one: i think everyone should work to knock Tani off.
 Wraith: Everyone should go make an account and post something on my new forum!
 helloo: Haha Phil got knocked off...again!!
 Wraith: lol, something tells me that you were procrastinating on your arts history when you wrote that last post. Shame on you, my website is not to be used *inappropriately*
 Eppon: Friendly bantering that uses loud pseudo-arrogant voices. :D
 Wraith: Heehee, so.. what do you think it is now that you know them? :-P
 Eppon: I would think this is a flame war if I didn't know you both...
 Wraith: STOP WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPS!! << Hypocrite...
 Wraith: Children, play nice...
 Wraith: What? How are the controls for Quark frustrating!? What do you think they should be instead!? They are really good controls once you get used to them!
 Brycen: Woohoo! I knocked Phil of the high score list for Serpent!
 Tani: Quarks controls are frustrating!!! They're like... anti-intuitive...
 Wraith: As with all applets, to interact you need to click in the box that contains the applet. Otherwise no interaction will work. Click first, then use either arrows or WASD keys to maneuver your 'quark.' Use the mouse to aim your paddle and to fire projectiles in the test version. (Will not be able to fire projectiles in final)
 Zebos: weird... what are the controls for quark... make sides to the thing 2 .(yes i tried w, a, d,arrow keys, and number pad)
 hai2u: s^ 2 u
 Sei: *poke* XD
 MEGAN: omg. teach me.
 Wraith: Tweaked the serpent color a little. See if it's better now.
 Brycen: You should make the snake color darker, 'cause it's easy to get hung up on the tiny, invisible tail tip.
 Wraith: I believe the glitch that he was talking about was the one that let you make your snake go in circles whilst the screen filled with 'apples' and come back later (when the screen is covered) and reap the benefits of you wait . ^_^ However, now theres a limit of about 10 'apples' that can be on the screen at once. (previously it was around 1000)
 Wraith: Everyone needs to go post things on my forum okay!?
 Kit: 92% accuracy! XD
 Kit: i like the focus and mask on the new flash stuff.
 Wraith: PHP Project: PBRC Page
 Dan: Might you explain why the Particle trajectories violate conservation of energy?
 Tani: what was the glitch, anyway? never noticed it before... btw, I love that game! ^_^
 Zebos: ugh its much harder now that u fixed that flaw:-P o well i guess i can try for the best score i can get heh u should make bad guys, blocks, and power ups/downs of course, u will have to make the serpent... o ya on the music u should attempt to make it so the songs wrap or play in order or u can customize it... gj on serpent
 Kit: *determined to get on hs list*
 Dan: Do more stereo pairs (esp in the 3D section). They're cool!
 Wraith: Game exploiter!
 Wraith: Oops! Sorry, I'll try to fix that next.. It has to do with wrapping around to the beginning of the list again.. Not sure how to fix it tho.. Will tell you when I do.
 Zebos: maybe you could add stuff such as special powerups slow you down speed ect
 Zebos: arghhhh annoying! the glitch where a piece of u appears some where else killed me!!
 Kit: cool pattern on the fountain.
 Eppon: By the way, there seems to be a glitch where if you change the direction you're turning too quickly, it makes you go straight and won't turn.
 Eppon: there we go, 550. ^_^
 Eppon: Aww, no one's competing with Zebos?
 Zebos: I like the serpent program for some who have trouble with the game you should make levels of difficulty like easiest, easy, normal, hard, hardest
 Zebos: New Serpent score:460
 Tani: Yay! 440!
 Wraith: Highest so far is 400 :-P
 Kit: highest for me so far is 240...
 Kit: yay! it's fun! i like the controls.
deleted: 6658
time: 2:43:37
 Eppon: stats at max score: lvl 237
That was score that I recorded a couple seconds before I reached 999999. New Skin: Water, Flower, and Lights! Btw, after the second round through, I teleported to square dance like you said, and the skin didn't change past that.

Blocks: 7814
Score: 998956
 Wraith: lvl 273
passed Lights twice, square dance was after second Lights, I died there...

 Eppon: Lumines: 758759.
 Wraith: New Lumines score: 447018 on Slipping (second time thru)
 Meghan: i like the butterlfy by the way
 Meghan: okay! where did all those cool songs go!!! put them back on Mister!
 Kit: snake-type game thingy sounds like fun.
 Eppon: Wraith: new lumines score is 421186. ;)
 Zebos: What are u gonna do after particle? more physics:-P maybe make a game if u know it, snake where u eat the food and grow bigger and longer
 Kit: i like how the lines program kind of shows what you did previously before you can draw again.
 Kit: *plays with lines* woo
 Wraith: Hmm.. What sorta puzzle?
 Kit: nice pics. maybe you could put up some sort of game or puzzle thingy so we can spend endless hours here? XP
 Wraith: Someone write something on my gibberbox! I need suggestions for my website okay? If you have comments questions etc I would most definitely like to hear them!
 Sei: *pokes site and runs away* XD
 Kit: Yep. Gibber gets to hide now. ^_^
 Zebos: nice rope... watcha workin on now?
 Tani: awesome rope simulation! I love it!
 Kit: wee, i'm liking that nice neon green color.
 iamme: nice work... looks well written. try programing for macs now!
 Zane Zephyr: Look at me!!! I'm posting!!!
 Shay: BOO~!!!
 Tani: It doesn't work for me!!! *cries* stupid windows...
 Kit: mrr?
 Kurichan768aka f.A.: hi
 Wraith: Go check out my new additions! My first two purposeful Java apps.. Hopefully you can find yourself some entertainment from them. Soon I will add a dedicated Java page.
 Zebos: fun fun defile the gibberish box :-P
 Kitchan: I'm sewing myself a cute little plushie! ^___^
 Tani: what does gibber mean?
 Wraith: What happened!! No one's talking on my likkle boxie! talk talk talk! NOW! ^_^
 Eppon: Testing fun stuff here. Hi!
 Wraith: woo! the new update for the psp came out! now i can DL stuff from my site!
 Kitchan: Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!
 Wraith: Don't worry Zane, you are always cool in gibby's eyes ^_^
 Zane Zephyr: -insert witty comment here-
 Zane Zephyr: So... this gibberbox is the cool thing to do now? I wanna be cool too.
 Wraith: So, umm hows my site for everyone? Any comments, questions, compliments, critiques, problems, suggestions, etc? If anyone wants to see something up here, please ask!
 Elizabeth: ummm yeah
 Shay: nyaaa~!!!
 anna =): er...hello?
 Wraith: YAWN!! Goodnight gibby...
 Shay: i just finished my history!!!! and science!!! thats due...monday....
 Wraith: Sorta but I get by :) It's really kinda neat! I actually formatted my site so that it automatically detects a psp and gives you a mini site that fits the psp screen :) (complete with a mini picture!)
 Kitchan: Phwee! I need to my doing my history! XP
 Tani: Isn't it difficult to type from a PSP?
 Wraith: haha Im writing from a PSP!
 Shay:'s WOAH!!! It's KITCHAN!!!! O__O lol
 mark h: this is a cool running commentary!
 Kitchan: Woah...Shay and Tani!
 Shay: *pokes Tani*
 Eppon: People stopped talking D:
 Eppon: Whee...
 Shay: this is interesting to say the least...
 Shay: i think...was i evr alive? lol HAY!!!
 Eppon: Hi, Shay. Who's the ninja?
 Tani: huh? I'm confused...
 Shay: I Live!!!!!
 Name: *ninja*
 Eppon: Whee, big empty spaces... Why?
 Kitchan: Interesting...
 Wraith: Well actually this is good news.. sorta..
 Wraith: wierd.. its messed up..
 Eppon: Troubleshooting- It's not working right.
 Kitchan: Changing the order?
 Kitchan: *gasp*
 Eppon: Hey, look, a supernatural message. o_o
 Eppon: Define "blamming" >_- *BLAM!*
 Wraith: I wonder if I can invent an anti-blamming system for this. ^_^
 Eppon: Ooh, yes, this lets us share our collective mindworks with anyone who cares to see for an extended period of time! : D
 Eppon: It has a high potential of getting old fast, though. >_<
 Wraith: But everyon can see this! Conversations on aim are exclusive and no-one else can *benefit* from them..
 Kitchan: Very true... but this is fun too. XP
 Eppon: It occurs to me that the people who are likely to use this whilst they are online will be more likely to use AIM, as it's much more convenient...
 Kitchan: Aww...sowwie. *pets it* Good, Gibberboxy... ^^
 Wraith: Aww poor likkle Gibby.. There there poor thing...
 Kitchan: *pokes the gibberbox* wee!
 Eppon: Hello!
 Wraith: Welcome to my very own Gibberbox!