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Calculator basic programming (1/25/06 at 3:24pm)
Wraith - 1/25/06 3:24 pm
No, the calculator doesn't get confused by multiple loops. The only one who's likely to get confused over nested loops is you. Having too many loops and if-then statements can make a program very difficult to use. Some of this can be remedied with lables and gotos but most of it is just making sure you keep them straight and double and triple check them. The calculator doesn't have any error messages having to do with missing loops making them very hard to debug.
Phlute* - 1/31/06 6:22 pm
Yay! I found my math program!!! It's more or less a compilation of all math programs I have ever made. Unfortunately, in the process of finding it, I accidently cleared the RAM and lost my left/right/trapezoidal sums, as well as my random graph-drawing programs. On the bright side, I now have a fairly polished program with logs, quadratic, distance, binomial expansion, and the laws of cosine! I also remade the Riemann Sums program and added it into the compilation!
Edited: 3/13/2006 at 21:09:31
Wraith - 2/6/06 1:11 pm
Very nice, I used to work on multi function programs like that but they get really tiresome. The TI BASIC is really not the ideal programming language for long, multifaceted programs.. I think my multimath programs are long since deleted.. Though they might still be flying around my computer...
Phlute* - 2/12/06 6:08 pm
Concerning compilation: What's the most efficient method?
Personally, I used this:

(setting variables, title screen, etc:label Amenu using A): if A=3:thenfirst program, such as law of cos):end:if A=4:thensecond program, such as quadratic formula):end
and so on...
at the end:
0 store to I
repeat I>0:getkey store to I:end
if I=45 or I=22 [quit or clear]:then:clrhome:axes on:output(1,1,""):stop:end:goto A

Any ideas for improvement?
Wraith - 2/13/06 1:31 pm
You are probably much better off using the Menu() function as it has builtin lable features. Using Menu("Main Menu","Program1",A,"Program2",B) will display a calculator version of a menu and will automatically go to the given lable. That is, selecting program1 will go to label A, program2, B etc.. Then, after your subprogram you would put a Goto to jump back to the beginning of the program (where the menu is). If you are set on your system, your current system should work fairly well but I always use the builtin functions because they are designed to be optimized.

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