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Christmas break news (Unknown at )
Wraith* - Unknown
Hey everyone, arrived safely in Salt Lake City! THERES SNOW ON THE GROUND!! It's so pretty.. Anyway, the internet is fully functional and that makes me very happy. I'll try to keep you posted in this thread over the next two weeks! (17 days to be exact)
Eppon - 12/19/05 7:17 am
Hey, I'm coming on here for the first time in an airport in Denver, on my way to Jackson Hole to go skiing. :D
There was snow in Indiana,too. It was 1 degree outside on our way to the airport from my aunt's house. XD
Wraith* - 12/19/05 4:57 pm
Fahrenheit or Celsius, its about 20F up in the mountains now and about 28 or so down here on the flats. Anyway, been skiing today and yesterday (haha I'm ahead of you) Hopefully you will have access to internet at your aunts house. Because if you do you will suffer from internet withdrawl.
Eppon - 12/20/05 3:34 pm
Why would I use Celsius outside of science class? It's about 20 here at the ski place.
I'm only skiing for three days, two left now. I'm using my sidekick for this, not using my aunt's computer even while I'm at her house. Too many things to do with fun people there.
Wraith* - 12/23/05 7:00 pm
Because Celsius is fun! 20 what? Degrees or radians Heehee, hooray for technology I guess.. Theres a blockbuster across the street from the place we are staying, very convinient.. In fact, I think I have seen more videos this break than I have this entire school year. (so far) Fortunately for me, I get the full complement of 17 or so days of skiing (all the better for hurting myself, m'dear). Seems like theres not too much success on my forum so far... But one CAN hope, and harry, and coerce, etc. Just watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, for the second time, a very worthwhile movie by the way. Fantastic four was good too..
Wraith* - 1/3/06 7:31 pm
Aaaarrrrggghhh... I'm SICK and its really not fair.. Typing this from my beloved significant other, my precious 1.8 Ghz PowerPC G5 running Mac OS X version 10.4.3...... About to fall off chair... G'night and happy christmas and merry new year...
Phlute - 1/15/06 6:44 pm
celcius > fahrenheit!
hmmm... does that mean "fahrenheit x (fahrenheit - 1) x (fahrenheit - 2) x (fahrenheit - 3) x ... 3 x 2 x 1"?
oh well...

we should measure everything in kelvins/celcius. Fahrenheit really sucks...
Phil - 3/5/06 4:49 pm
thats Fahrenheit! dumby. dont you see that you can write it as a simple factorial

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