Click anywhere on the rope to drag it. Press the space bar to toggle fixed end mode (the other end stays in one place or moves around). Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the menu and use the up and down arrows to change the variables.


Toggle fixed end mode(Space)
Toggle Gravity(g)
Quick Dampen(d)

Toggle modes:

Dynamic Coloring(c)


Toggle Slow(o)
Freeze frame(p)
Freeze mode: Forward 1 frame(+)
Freeze mode: Forward 10 frames(enter)

Things to try:

Standing wave:

Grab the middle of the rope fairly close to a fixed end, stretch it out, and move your mouse up and down until the wave looks like it is staying in one place. First try to get the middle of the rope to oscillate like a jump rope, then try to get multiple peaks with nodes inbetween that stay in one place.

Wave reflection:

In fixed end mode (works best without gravity): Position the rope so that it makes pretty close to horizontal line across the area. Grab one end and make a wave by quickly jerking the end up and then down. The wave will continue across the rope and be reflected at the other end. (This works best if you change the damping to about .80)
In loose end mode (you need gravity for this one): Let the rope fall while holding on to the fixed end. Like in fixed end mode, send a wave down the rope by dragging it out to the side and back. (This works best with damping as above and a reduced gravity.)

Constructive Interference:

Setting up as above in fixed end mode, create a wave on one end and quickly create another on the other end. Where they meet in the middle, a larger wave will be formed momentarily. This also works if you grab the rope in the middle and make a wave going in both directions letting go as they come back to the center. (Works best with increased mass as it slows down the rope's reaction)

Compression waves:

This works best without gravity. In slinkey mode(s) with dynamic coloring(c) on, Stretch the slinkey out and wait until it stops moving. (or use (d) to quick damp) After it has stopped moving, drag the end of the slinkey toward and away from the other end compressing it.

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